Urgent Placement in Long Term Care

If the time comes when you feel that you are reaching the breaking point, even with home care support in place, it is time to take steps to ensure that both your health and well being as the primary caregiver, and that of your loved one, takes priority. This is by no means easy but there are times when it has to be done out of necessity.

If the level of care required to keep a loved one safely at home exceeds your physical and emotional abilities, if you have become injured or seriously ill, or if your care recipient has become violent, you can seek urgent placement in a Long Term Care facility through Continuing Care. This situation is one that caregivers dread and no one wants to get to this place; however, it is important that you understand how this option works should you need it. We encourage you to ask your Care Coordinator or speak to Continuing Care to address your concerns and find out what is involved in starting this process.

Please be aware that, given the conditions present for an urgent placement, removal of the risk is primary and location preference is secondary, so your person may not be able to remain in their home community.

The Continuing Care Facility Placement Policy describes this and other situations in more detail.