Caregivers Nova Scotia recognizes the value in working with academic researchers which is why we are active with a number of projects, associations and networks.  Below is the beginning of a list of exisitng partnerships.  More will be added shortly.

Dalhousie School of Nursing - Nurse scientists investigate problems that lead to better understanding of the health needs of people and the political, social, equitable, cultural, economic, geographical, regulatory and legal factors that influence health.  Out of this understanding come strategies to improve patient care, the health system, and nursing practice.

Dalhousie School of Occupational Therapy - their faculty and students are conducting research that is improving everyday lives through occupation.

Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Nova Scotia Centre on Aging (NSCA) - works in collaboration with many others to advance knowledge on aging-related issues. Their work includes conducting research projects and evaluation studies; organizing lectures, workshops and conferences; developing and reviewing curricula; developing educational materials such as manuals, information kits and videos; and providing consultative services to community, organizations and government.

Seniors Mental Health Network - The Provincial Seniors' Mental Health Network (SMHN) has been established to support and advance seniors' mental health by promoting knowledge exchange and mutual learning among its members.