Angus Campbell

Executive Director

Caregiving changed my life.  I had the privilege of looking after my late partner for over a year who had suddenly become a paraplegic.  After his death, I decided to change my career path from Information Technology, Finance and Project Management to the not-for-profit sector.  I have worked at the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, the Hepatitis Outreach Society, and the Halifax Sexual Health Centre in health promotion and management.

I continue to be involved with education, research and advisory committees.  My personal “Caregiving for People with HIV/AIDS” presentation has been well received by over 500 persons, primarily nursing students and healthcare professionals.  Many commented that this very personal story opened their eyes to issues that can affect caregivers and care recipients.

After starting with Caregivers Nova Scotia in 2012 as Operations Manager, I quickly felt at home and I enjoy the exciting and challenging work.  As the Executive Director since March 2013, I am very proud of our organization, and especially my team of colleagues.  We continue to expand our programs and services to meet the needs of Nova Scotia's unpaid caregivers.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at:  |  902.421.7390 or 1.877.488.7390

Jennifer Briand

Caregiver Support Coordinator 
Western Region
(South Shore and South West Districts)

As Caregivers we understand how truly necessary we are to each other, that is why I am thrilled to help establish support and services to caregivers in Western Nova Scotia.

Providing support to family members dealing with cancer, and most recently dementia, has changed my perspective and how I live my life. It has taught me how to see the person beyond the disease, and the importance of living in the moment. I understand that fear of uncertainty, and know that outside support is essential and should always be available to caregivers and their families. I am committed to developing a network of support for caregivers in our region.

I have over 25 years experience working in clinics, restorative care centers, and the community providing direct support and programs for children and adults with special needs, communication disorders, and most recently seniors with cognitive impairment. As a long time community volunteer, I have had opportunity to serve on educational and advisory boards dedicated to improving life in rural communities. My most recent volunteer efforts have included; The Heart and Stroke Foundation, facilitating presentations and health fairs, and volunteering with Palliative Care at the South Shore Regional Hospital. 

Contact Jennifer:  |  902.521.5592

Lynn Butler

Caregiver Support Coordinator 
Capital Region

I have been with Caregivers Nova Scotia since September 2010. This work has been such a joy and I am continually amazed at all the work done by unpaid caregivers in our province and across Canada.

I was a caregiver to my brother who died in 2008 from pancreatic cancer and I continue to be a caregiver at a distance to my mother who lives on PEI. As a caregiver, I understand the challenges, joys, frustrations and grief that caregivers experience.

I am dedicated to doing my very best to support caregivers in Nova Scotia. I am constantly learning from this challenging and rewarding role, and I know that I will continue to grow from my experiences as a Support Coordinator.

Contact Lynn:  |  902.421.7390

Maggie Roach-Ganaway

Caregiver Support Coordinator
Cape Breton Region

As a member of the CNS team, I realize the significance of the work this organization does, and I plan to continue this important work in the Cape Breton area.

I became a caregiver to my mother after she was diagnosed with Binswanger Disease, a form of vascular dementia.  Caring for her lead me to nursing and I became a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1999.  After many years of caring for the elderly in a long term care facility, my life took a different turn after my husband was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4-brain tumour.  The four years I spent as his caregiver has taught me that you need to follow your heart, which has led me to Caregivers NS.

As Support Coordinator for the Cape Breton Region, I hope to bring my experience and understanding to the many caregivers throughout the area.

Contact Maggie:   |  902.371.3883

Brenda Sangster

Caregiver Support Coordinator
Capital Region

I came to Caregivers Nova Scotia Association in July 2005 with over 25 years of work experience in Administration and Office Management. When I started with Caregivers Nova Scotia, I organized caregiver recognition events, workshops, and conferences. Now, on top of those responsibilities, I have transitioned into a Caregiver Support Coordinator role.

I have a desire to help those in need in whatever capacity I can. I have been a caregiver to my Mother for many years, and I try to bring everything I have learned and lived into my work as a Support Coordinator. I am now in a position to lend an ear and a helping hand to caregivers as they begin their caregiving journeys. I take joy in the experiences and challenges that present themselves in my work at Caregivers Nova Scotia, and my time here only reinforces my desire to help guide caregivers as best I can.

Contact Brenda:  |  902.421.7390

Cindie Smith

Caregiver Support Coordinator
Northern and Eastern Mainland Region
(Colchester/East Hants, Cumberland, Pictou, Antigonish and Guysborough counties)

Like my colleagues, I too have been a caregiver.

My younger daughter Maggie was born with a rare congenital condition and a 2-3 month life expectancy.  We were fortunate that her life was extended to almost five years during which I navigated our way through local services and the 12 departments at IWK which provided her (and us) with care.  Maggie died just before her fifth birthday.  Although we miss her terribly, her time had come.

More recently, I helped support my father-in-law through his journey with Alzheimer’s and his final days until his death at a local care facility – an experience which was both precious and very difficult.  Through this I have come to fully understand the value of exercising self-determination in caregiving and end-of-life decisions, augmented by a supportive community and cooperative healthcare providers.

Through my personal experiences and my work with CNS, I have learned that, regardless of the medical condition or disability, the issues of caregivers are similar.  They need others who understand the caregiving journey and will listen without judgment, even to negative feelings.  They need the knowledge to do a good job. They need to know that there is a limit to what they can do and that it is not only ok, but necessary, to have time to themselves.

“When you pray, move your feet!”

Contact Cindie:  |  902.324.2273 (CARE)

Carlye Stein

Research and Operations Coordinator

I joined Caregivers NS in June of 2013. By that time, I had already been a long-distance caregiver to my parents for some time without realizing it, although I primarily support my mom as my dad's primary caregiver. Over the years, I have witnessed how my parents have fought and overcome the many challenges they have been faced with.  They are two of the strongest and bravest individuals I know.

At Caregivers NS I have met many brave women and men like my parents who have come to caregiving in myriad ways. I do research on caregiving in Nova Scotia and Canada, and incorporate what I learn into our print resources, our website content, and social media posts. I look forward to learning from my amazing colleagues and to contributing to Caregivers NS’s many meaningful projects. It is a privilege to work for an organization that does everything it can to ensure that unpaid caregivers are supported and their voices are heard. 

Contact Carlye:  |  902.421.7390

Jennine Wilson

Caregiver Support Coordinator
Valley Region (Annapolis and Kings counties)

I am very excited to be part of Caregivers Nova Scotia and have the opportunity to support the amazing caregivers in the Valley Region.

As the youngest in my family, and being the last at home, I cared for my mother during her open heart and colostomy surgeries. I also had the privilege of being able to return home to support my parents and be my father’s primary caregiver during his last year living with cancer. I have experienced the highs and lows of caregiving and was eternally grateful to have the support of the palliative care VON nurses which prompted me to become a palliative care VON volunteer on my return to Nova Scotia as a way to give back. I have extensive experience supporting youth, adults and their families, who live with physical, cognitive or mental health disabilities. My previous work has deepened my compassion and appreciation for the caregivers in our communities.

I do my best to lead with my heart and look forward to learning from my colleagues and the caregivers I will have the privilege to serve.

Contact Jennine Wilson: | 902.680.8706

Board of Directors

Executive Officers:
Patricia Murray - President
Mary Elizabeth MacLellan - Vice-President
Martin C. MacKinnon - Treasurer
Ruth deMolitor - Secretary

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