CNS-related Research

Caregiver Tele-Group Support (CTGS) 2014 - The CTGS program is a telephone support group for family and friend caregivers, which was piloted in the fall of 2014. It was developed jointly by Caregivers NS and the Dalhousie School of Occupational Therapy in an effort to find a pragmatic, cost-effective solution for caregivers who are unable to attend in-person meetings because they lack transportation, are unable or unwilling to leave their care recipient, have mobility issues, etc. Phase I of this project is complete and the Phase 1 evaluation report was published in March 2015. 

A CTGS support group is currently running on a bi-weekly basis. To register or to find out more, please contact us.

Care and Respect of Elders in Emergencies (CARE) Program 2014 - Closed. 
Principal Investigator(s): Ackroyd-Stolarz S. Co-Investigator(s): Janes SE, Kelly N, MacWilliams K, Naugler D, Kitts O, Campbell A, Crosbie C.
Following the completion of the study interviews in 2014, researchers used what they learned from participants recruited through Caregivers Nova Scotia and staff from the emergency department to create a CARE Program at the Halifax Infirmary. The research team worked with Volunteer Services to develop a role description and started recruiting volunteers in November 2014. Each volunteer does one 3-hour shift per week. Staff usually recommend patients who could potentially benefit from the extra support provided by a volunteer. During a shift, a volunteer typically spends time with 1-5 patients. Their goal is to help make a person's stay in the ED as comfortable as possible. A CARE program is currently being rolled out at Dartmouth General Hosptial for which they are currently recruiting volunteers.