Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing enables healthcare providers to refer people to local, non-clinical services including community and social services.

At Caregivers Nova Scotia we are thrilled to be piloting a Social Prescription for Caregivers Project with funding from the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence powered by the Azrieli Foundation in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing

The project will target Four (4) Collaborative Care Practices and (4) Pharmacies across the province. The goal is to increase the identification and referrals of caregivers from healthcare to Caregivers Nova Scotia Association. We recognize and value the role of caregivers as part of the care team and know they need to be included and supported to continue to provide care to family and friends. We aim to foster this identification of caregivers within Collaborative Care Practices and Pharmacies by building relationships and finding caregiver champions to help guide this pilot project. 

This project will begin in December 2024.