Workshops and Presentations

We offer several educational workshops and topical presentations tailored to the special interests of caregivers. You'll find a brief description of their content below, as well as feedback from some of our participants. 

Caregivers Nova Scotia  – Programs and Services Presentation
This presentation explains who we are and how we help. It highlights services such as our confidential telephone and email support, monthly peer support groups, educational workshops, information, and referrals. We also show you how to get the most out of our website's many resources.

"Very helpful and informative. I had no idea that Caregivers Nova Scotia offered so many programs and services!"

Educational Workshops

Advance Care Planning for Caregivers: Getting Started — Who will speak for you or your loved one if you cannot speak for yourself? This workshop will help participants to start thinking about their future healthcare wishes and to start this important conversation with family, friends, healthcare providers, etc. Participants will also be given the tools and information to start creating an advance care plan for themselves.

"A very useful workshop-especially in establishing a comfort level with the topic." 
"Everything was clearly explained and helped me start thinking about future healthcare decisions."

Brushing Up on Mouth Care — This workshop will help you to understand the importance of good oral health to your overall health. It will give you practical information and tips on providing mouth care to another person, as well as low-cost solutions and strategies to help you and your loved one maintain good oral health at home. It was developed by the Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry, the Healthy Populations Institute, and Capital Health, and tailored by Caregivers Nova Scotia for family and friends caring for someone at home.

"Very interesting, especially the brushing techniques and props for people with arthritis."
"An excellent and much-needed workshop." 

Caregiver Stress Management – This is our most popular workshop. It looks at the causes and symptoms of stress and provides helpful tools, such as a Caregiver Stress Quiz and interactive worksheets, to help caregivers recognize and manage it.

"Very impressed! I feel more educated on the effects of stress & ways to alleviate it."
"An empowering and confidence-building session!"

"Excellent workshop and great presenters. Very informative and helpful."

Safe Medicines for Seniors and Caregivers — Caregivers Nova Scotia helped to develop this workshop, which we deliver together with a local pharmacist. It looks at the safe use of medicines at home and pays special attention to the caregiver’s role in administering and managing medications for their care recipients. Caregivers who are seniors themselves will also find it useful.

"Excellent and extremely helpful."
"Very informative. Thank you for all of the preparation that went into the day."

Understanding Dementia Behaviours - This workshop will help you understand how dementia affects the brain and that all behaviour is a form of communication. It will give you strategies for dealing with the most common expressive behaviours and teach you about the supports available for dementia caregivers.

You can find out about upcoming workshops and presentations on our Events pageor by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  If you would like to request a workshop or presentation, or if you are interested in a specific topic, please contact us.