Caregivers Nova Scotia participates in research that is meaningful to unpaid caregivers and can benefit them directly. At تداول الخيارات الثنائية في سنغافورة Dalhousie University, we have collaborated with the Occupational Therapy Department, The School of Nursing, The School of Social Work, and the Department of Emergency Medicine. We have also partnered with euro valuta forex Mount Saint Vincent University's Centre on Aging, the go here IWK Health Centre, and opcje binarne uk NSHA Central Zone.

To find out about current research opportunities, click Research Opportunities in the menu on the right. Here you'll find research projects that Caregivers Nova Scotia is involved in, or that we are helping to promote. Under see Publications, you'll find published research on caregiving or related issues that may be of interest. If there is a research project or paper you feel we should include on our website, please contact us .